From 1964 to 2000, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was based in the government district of Bonn.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Designed by Bonn-based architect Ernst van Dorp, this was the first new embassy building to be completed in Bonn.

The German occupation during the Second World War severely damaged relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. But German-Dutch relations gradually improved during the postwar period. As early as the spring of 1949, Dutch diplomats laid the foundation for rapprochement between the two countries by talking about the economic importance of Germany in connection with the Cold War. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were re-established in June of 1951.

The exterior of the elongated main wing of the embassy is clad with Dutch clinker bricks and has almost no windows on the side facing the street. In 1969, Canada built itself a somewhat palatial embassy nearby, whose interior featured wood panelling and marble cladding. “The Canadian embassy”, the magazine Bauen im Bonner Raum noted in 1969, “makes the Dutch embassy, which is just down the street, look plain.” Both structures are now used as office buildings.