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15: Hofgarten (Court Garden)
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From 1968, the Hofgarten was repeatedly the venue for political demonstrations.

When his residential palace was completed, Prince Elector Clemens August had a baroque garden laid out in 1760.

The palace building and the Hofgarten became the property of the newly-founded university in 1818. At the southern end of the park, an anatomy building was erected. It has been the seat of the Academic Art Museum since 1884.

Tens of thousands gathered in the Hofgarten to protest against the "emergency laws" in 1968. 250,000 people demonstrated on the university lawn against the NATO twin-track decision in 1981. Until the Federal Government's move to Berlin, it was frequently a venue for large rallies on political issues of the day.

Heinrich Böll speaks at the demonstration against the NATO twin-track decision in the Hofgarten of Bonn, 10 October 1981

View onto the Hofgarten in Bonn, in the background the university, 1999

Demonstration against the NATO twin-track decision on 10 October 1981

Court garden and palace of the Prince Elector, engraving by Martin Metz dated 1775
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