Between 1965 and 1966, two-storey residential buildings for members of Parliament were built on Heussallee, 2018.
The Federal Minister of Justice, Gustav Heinemann, is relaxing in his apartment in Saemischstraße, 1967.

Apartment complex for members of the Bundestag


Members of the Deutscher Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament) divided their time between Bonn and the cities and towns in which their constituencies were located. Beginning in the 1960s, they made their homes in 134 new housing units in the government quarter in Bonn. 

In the 1960s, blocks of flats were built for members of Parliament (MPs) that were within walking distance of their offices. The new housing units were intended to provide the legislators, in their capacity as part-time residents of Bonn, with a pied-à-terre while the Deutscher Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament) was in session. The three-storey block of flats with balcony access (known as a Laubenganghaus) designed by Karl Selg had 65 flats in it and was completed in 1960. Six years later three two-storey 23-unit blocks of flats designed by Planungsgruppe Stieldorf were completed on Heussallee.

Some of the flats were also used as offices, as the "Langer Eugen" MP office tower, which was built to remedy the lack of space in the Bundeshaus, was not completed until 1969. MPs from across the political spectrum resided there until 1999.